Information on how to apply for a place at the Kindergarten der Nachbarschaftsschule


Only children of at least 2.9 years of age are admitted to our institution. The Kindergarten der Nachbarschaftsschule is an integrative facility for a maximum of 3 children with integration needs.


Application procedure:
  • In order to achieve a successful educational cooperation between parents and educators as well as a close relationship between children and educators, please acquaint yourself with our educational concept (Konzeption), rules (Nutzungsordnung) and the daily routine (Tagesablauf) of the kindergarten. Do only submit your application if you fully agree with all of it.
  • Create a parents’ account via and choose the Kindergarten der Nachbarschaftsschule as your priority 1 facility on your wish list. In doing so, you automatically declare your need for a place in a day care facility with the City of Leipzig and you will receive a reference number (Referenznummer). Applications without registration on (with priority 1) are not prioritized.
  • Visit us during our open house day. You’ll find the date on our website.
  • Please bring us the Kindergarten’s own application form (Interessensbekundung). Applications without an official reference number by the youth welfare office (Jugendamt) cannot be considered.


Please learn the deadline for the respective Kindergarten year from our website.



Every year, there is a great demand for our available kindergarten places. Since we are a relatively small facility, there is only a limited number of children that we can accommodate. In order to secure a just distribution of these few places, we use random selection. In doing so, only the age and gender of the registered child is considered, in order to have well-balanced groups of girls and boys of varying ages. For pedagogic and conceptual reasons, we do not admit children for just one year (e.g. for the preschool year).


Children of employees as well as siblings of a child of the Initiative Nachbarschaftsschule Leipzig e. V. are exempt from the selection process and are accepted in consultation with the management and pedagogic staff, considering both the individual situation and development of the child as well as the current situation in the facility.


Applications that reach us after the deadline are not considered in the selection process. Notifications of approval or rejection will usually be sent by March.


Waiting list places are only valid for the current kindergarten year. If you still require a kindergarten place in the subsequent year, please remember to submit another application on time and you will be considered in the selection process of the following kindergarten year.



Contact us

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Phone: (0341) 463 780 12

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Director: Julia Wildner